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Hire-a-Hive Scheme

Don't have the time or expertise to have a colony of honeybees, then we can bring a fully functioning hive of bees to you!

Oxleas Wood Apiary Hire-a-Hive scheme will provide, install and manage a hive at your locality for the entire beekeeping season, from May through to late August. Subject to your site suitability, we will install either a WBC or British National hive fully stocked with mild-mannered bees, and regularly inspect and manage the hive throughout the beekeeping season at mutually convenient times - if you wish, we will even install a traditional straw skep with its residence honeybee colony.

Hire-a-Hive is suitable for domestic and private gardens, institutions such as schools and colleges, in paved and patio areas, and we can even install a hive on an accessible flat roof. Throughout the hive's stay on your site we can provide instruction and 'hands-on' experience, introducing the essentials of beekeeping. We have a number of educational packages centred around the hive and we can provide an observation hive as to supplement the working bee colony.

At the end of the season, we will harvest the honey yield for you, extracting and bottling the honey - in a good season a successful hive will yield between 30 to 60 lbs (15 to 30kg) of local raw honey. The honey extraction can be completed on- or off-site - if on site, you will have to provide a bee-tight building for about half a day to see the process through and you can be fully involved in the harvesting process, from removing the honeycomb from the hive, uncapping the honey laden cells, extracting the raw honey with a radial extractor, right through to bottling the honey. And, what's more, you keep all of the honey harvested at no extra charge - we will even provide some custom designed labels for your honey jars.

The bees can be prepared and overwintered remaining on your site ready for the next year's beekeeping season. Or, we can remove the hive and bees, returning these to the Oxleas Wood Apiary for overwintering ready to return to you should you wish to continue with the Hire-a-Hive scheme.

For more details about Hire-a-Hive contact John Large at 07971 088086 or johnlarge@oxleaswoodapiary.com - it is helpful to send through a photograph of the intended hive site.

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